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Hello, I am Bob Partridge and thank you for visiting the web site for Leatherstocking Guide Service. We are located in Central New York State in the small town of Milford which is on the Susquehanna River just south of Cooperstown. The Catskills are to our south and the Adirondacks to the north. Cooperstown, where the baseball Hall of Fame is located, is just nine miles away. The landscape here is rolling hills, farmland, woodlots and state forests. We've got lots of deer, big flocks of wild turkeys and fantastic small game hunting. We also offer waterfowl hunts and we even do ice fishing in the winter. Milford is a quiet and peaceful rural area and if hunting, fishing and just being in the outdoors are to your liking, then this is your spot!


***February 2018 Update: In 2017 we set a record for Leatherstocking Guide Service as we took a total of 89 deer! (Bucks and Doe) The picture above is from opening weekend of rifle hunting when we took over 20 deer. Archery season was great with some really good bucks taken, rifle results were outstanding and the muzzleloader hunt was also great. Give me a call soon and come hunt with us in 2018!

***2018 Show Schedule: I will be attending upcoming shows in Harrisburg, PA February 3-11 and Springfield, MA February 23-25. Come visit the show and stop by the booth to book your hunt this year.

*** Unit 4F DMP tags: Hunters should apply for a 4F DMP tag.

*** Better hunting In order to improve hunting opportunities, we restric archery hunting so that no bow hunting will take place the two days prior to the open of rifle season. We also restrict rifle hunting on our properties during the Thanksgiving holiday period to give the woods a rest.

***NEW 2018 Split Hunt Policy:You must pay the total cost of your first hunt, even if you do not stay for all the days in the hunt. For hunters who wish to return later in the year, we offer a discount for future hunt days at $125 per day during archery or muzzleloader seasons. NOTE We do not extend this offer during rifle season.

*** Guide Gratuities: Many hunters ask what they should tip their guide and I would say the average tip for a hunt is between $75-$150, but the amount is up to you. Your guide scouts ahead of your arrival and sets up your stand. For each hunt we will get you to a good spot where you should see deer movement if you stay in the stand. Thank you for showing your appreciation of their efforts.

*** Tree Stand Safety: Most of our stand locations are set with ladder or hang-on tree stands and you are also welcome welcome to bring your own stand. A climbing stand can be very helpful especially for archery seasons. We do require that you bring and always use a safety harness whenever you hunt from an elevated stand.

*** Information on our hunts can be found by using the links below. To book your New York deer or turkey hunt call Bob at (607) 434-2420. Good luck hunting and thank you.

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