We require a $200 deposit for all hunts.

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Split Hunt Policy
You must pay the total cost of your first hunt, even if you do not stay for all the days in the hunt. For hunters who wish to return later in the year, we offer a discount for future hunt days at $125 per day during archery or muzzleloader seasons. NOTE: We do not extend this offer during rifle season.

TURKEY HUNTING: All turkey hunts are semi-guided in blinds, near food plots or set-up in a good, pre-scouted area. Fully guided 1X1 hunts are available.

A huge amount of private land means lots of birds and the opportunity to be in and near turkeys every day. It is unusual to not see or hear birds during a morning hunt. That does not mean we will always kill one, but the birds are here and we often get two a day. We offer a special youth hunt prior to the regular season, fully guided gobbler only hunts in May and exciting fall turkey hunts. Turkey hunts come with 2X1 guide service with 1X1 available at an additional charge for the exclusive use of a guide. We also help you with combo hunts for archery deer and fall turkeys. New York has a two bird limit during the spring season and one bird in the fall. Hunting with us will give you the maximum opportunity to fill your tags.

YOUTH SPRING HUNT: $475 per youth hunter (April 20-21)
Age 12-15, 1 bird limit, 1X1 guide service

SPRING TURKEY: Season open May 1 to 31
May 1-4:    $850 per hunter guided or $650 semi-guided
May 5-7, 10-12, 17-19, 21-23:    $550 per hunter guided or $400 semi-guided

FALL TURKEY HUNTS: 3-day hunts at $550. Season open October 10 to November 3, 2019
Our fall turkey hunts are great because we have outstanding habitat to hunt. Hardwood ridges and crop fields are all around the areas we hunt. We will be in the hardwoods or at the edge of a field before daylight listening for birds and once a flock is located we'll bust it up and then sit quietly while calling. Eventually the birds will come back to that area and you'll get your shot.

RIFLE DEER HUNTS: $850 for opening weekend and the first four days of the season, $725 for the later hunts. We have three separate hunts of four days each. All hunts are semi-guided and include lodging, a hot breakfast and a lunch. (or we'll provide a box lunch if you want to stay out all day)

***2019 Rifle Deer Season: Hunt dates of November 17-20 ($850), November 28 to December 1 ($725), and December 5-8 ($725).

We consider our deer hunting to be about as good as it gets, not so much for quality but for quantity. Don't be mislead, we do kill some nice older deer, but this part of New York is better known for a high density of deer per square mile, not trophy hunting. Leatherstocking leases private land and we have over 6000 acres available to us. We have over 100 stands set in active areas where you can expect to see deer at any time of the day. Lots of hunters want to be here for the first few days of the rifle season, and that is a great time to hunt, but the rest of the season is real good too. We have plenty of deer, and once the woods quiet down a bit following opening weekend the deer get back to their daily patterns. The later part of the season often finds snow on the ground which makes for some great hunting. A typical day of hunting has us getting you up early, we have a hot breakfast, then head for the woods. We get you to your stand before day-break and you are left on your own to hunt during the day. If you kill a deer or hit one and need help, you call us or leave a message on your vehicle and we will come into the woods and help with game retrieval.

2019 YOUTH RIFLE DEER: $500 per person for the three day weekend hunt held on Columbus Day weekend, October 12-13-14.

This is a semi-guided hunt for the youth hunter and mentor. We will get you into position before dawn and then you will hunt from that stand or be free to move if you wish. Game retreival is included as well as meals and lodging for the weekend.

ARCHERY DEER HUNTS: $650 per person, semi-guided, any four days of the season. All hunts are semi-guided and include lodging and a cold breakfast.

***2019 archery deer hunts available: October 1 to November 15   
***2019 crossbow archery hunting: November 2-15   

Archery hunters have a great chance at a buck, however this is greatly increased by spending the maximum amount of time in the woods. The last week of October and as we work our way into November find the deer rut beginning in our area so buck movement is often seen during the day. We have plenty of deer around here so if you pay attention to the wind, stay quiet and sit in your tree stand you should see deer each day. Lunch and dinner is on your own.

MUZZLELOADER DEER HUNTS: $675 per person, semi-guided, any four days of the season. All hunts are semi-guided and include lodging, a hot breakfast and lunch. (we'll provide a box lunch if you want to stay out all day)

***2019 Muzzleloading Rifle Deer Season: December 9-17

This is often a very successful hunt if you can hit. Our late muzzleloader season is a time of year when the woods are quiet but the deer are still here. We hope to have some snow and it's usually cold with deer movement early and late in the day, and your NY licenses are either sex for this hunt. The deer are generally located close to their food sources which could be acorns, apples or row crops such as corn fields. We will put you on a stand for the early and late sit, then during the day you can stay in the woods or we sometimes organize small drives. Bring plenty of warm clothes and powder and you'll experience a great hunt where you have the woods to yourself.

COYOTE HUNTS: $250 per person, semi-guided. Coyote hunts are from a blind and are three nights, two days of hunting and include lodging, baited site with blind breakfast and skinning.